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We are a Swedish film company, who produce a series of extremely delicious films... Exclusively made for lovers of Extreme Erotica... True masterpieces, filmed in a lovely "documentary" style - with golden colours, classy locations, very high quality and exciting elegant original music... Click here to enjoy the sexy Extreme Erotica music!
Every film is based on delicious sex, with young slim wet girls (who really love sex) spiced with extra juicy parts, nice stories and sometimes a cute romantic beginning... And our still pics, prove every word!

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Welcome to discover our delicious films!
Some pictures from the first Extreme Erotica film
Some pictures from the second Extreme Erotica film

Welcome to discover our delicious films!
Some pictures from the third Extreme Erotica film
Some pictures from Extreme Erotica film D
Some pictures from the last Extreme Erotica film
Welcome to discover our delicious films!

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