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Colette - The sexy
black servant girl

And the wet adventures of
Nicole & Sussi, part 3

This great film include... A sexy young
black servant girl, who play with fat dildos and
heavy weights... Great outdoor sex, Candi fuck
Anal with fat dildos, A juicy fuck, Very sexy
clothes, Round butts, the extra documentary
collection and a first class original sound-
track, recorded (90 min) in HiFi stereo.

Over 45 Extreme Erotica pictures
from this great film

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EE art C is our most advanced film and we present Colette - a very delicious black teenage girl, with a very round pouting bottom... She was my obedient and extremely sexy maid, for a lovely week and she did some really nice things (for the camera) type getting very wet, fucking with fat dildos and dance with heavy weights, between her legs!
Then, will you find a new hot fucking and sucking scene, with lovely Nicole Sassi... Now, she get humped in the sofa and she really love the cream... Nicole and Sussi, walk also almost naked in a very public park, very close to Stockholm City (with hundreds of people around) and start to play a little... And we finally introduce sweet Candi - a very Anal teeny babe, who love to fuck fat shiny black dildos (and be fucked) deep inside her young ass... You will first see her tease you, when she slowly expand her asshole with a fat anal plug and even wider dildos! And the description continue, after the pictures!

Every picture on this page, is from this film... With Colette, Nicole & Sussi
and we also introduce sweet Candi - the very anal teeny babe!
Plus the art by Richard Croye on this cover's backside...
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And following are still pictures (not ordinary photos) directly from the master tape...
So you will really get this lovely colours and views... And the film, look even sharper!

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More photos from this film, of the very anal babe - Candi

And even more stills (not ordinary pictures) from the Documentary Collection, in this film!

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As an extra bonus, have every EE film a fine Documentary Collection - that can be juicy test scenes, wet beach girls from Canaria and very very sexy town girls... This time will you first see sexy town girls and then the sweet test film with Colette, when she show me her talents... And you will finally get a hot preview, of our other films... Even the music (with one new track) is of first class, sound mainly as "Enigma" and is exclusively produced for Extreme Erotica... Every film is 90 minutes and the tape is recorded directly from the master, with HiFi stereo sound, on a high grade tape (for many years of intense renting) and with a delicious, but very accurate cover!
Our unique films, truly celebrate the beauty in life and look exactly, as the fine
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