Samma sida, för dig i Sverige...
We seek sexy girls...
Luxurious locations, fine art & videos

Info for Distributors and Shops
Our fine wholesale prices

We seek more sexy girls

I film and take photos in a lovely "documentary" style, that make you look even more delicious... See my examples... And I mainly film the games you like most, but you must also like 8 of 98 extra advanced games, to spice the story... Then am I extra generous and film in a cozy easy way, at luxurious locations, often outdoors and maybe as a nice holiday!
You must only be slim (max little curvy) from 18 and look as 14-28 with a cute round out pouting ass, sexy face, rather slim thighs (upper legs) and something xtra, as generous lips... You may then be short, dark or light, without any experience and even two girls!
Click here for complete info... And answer then with photos tell me the most advanced games we may film, what you like most in sex and any questions - Welcome!

You may tip a girl and get a nice little reward
of 100 dollar, if we make a film with her!

Our second film... EE art B

Our first film... EE art A

Click a cover & see a Big one!

Excellent Quality
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Luxurious Locations, Fine Art & Videos!

We can visit you and make some film (sometime in the future and without payment) if you have a beautiful villa or fine big yacht, close to a "holiday paradise" in Europe... Click and send an email or write, with photos...
Fine Art You are also very welcome, to send us fine original drawings, pictures, music, private xxx videos and articles, for EE plaza... Plus delicious ideas for future films and even sexy clothes, you want to see on our girls... Click here for a lot more info!
I can also film your girlfriend, in my unique delicious style And with any games you like, if you only pay my travel expense (the trip and a nice bed place) plus 400 dollar for one week, in advance... I will then film in four sessions (or less if you like) that take 4-5 hour each and you will finally get four not cut VHS copies (of 240 minutes) or one slightly edited tape (of 120 minutes) of first class... And I only want the right to use (and pay 10 dollar/minute for) any material, that don't show her eyes!

Venture Capital Investment The main company behind EE plaza magazine, Extreme Erotica films and EE passion contact club - invite one venture capital investor, for the next great step... And we offer both very high security, nice alternatives and a generous profit... Click here for a lot more information!

Information, for Distributors and Shops!

Samma sida, för dig i Sverige...
First a presentation of our unique films
And our fine wholesale prices

We are very proud to present,
five truly MAGNIFICENT sex films,
in the Extreme Erotica series

We are seeking DISTRIBUTION companies, in almost every country... And we will gladly pay you a 10% reward (of the first order, before tax & transport) for every new distributor... Even if you "only" tip us and we contact them... We will only sell films OR the option to make a number of copies and never the complete rights... But we are open for many changes and limitations, so the result may be exactly the same... As new covers or labels (of the same design) in any language and with an extra logo, on some free space...
You may also copy the digital masters (with hifi sound) for dubbing, censoring, release on other system, DVD and any other reason, except editing of the films... But I must then follow my master tapes, when you make the copies and get any DVD master discs... And that will naturally reduce the price, with 25 sek for each copy... TV companies may also broadcast complete parts of the films, if they only pay fair and clearly inform the viewers, about the original film and my EE plaza website... You may even get monopoly in any region, for the right price and volume... And we are naturally open for any other fine ideas... See info about the films below...
Every shop is welcome to order films, directly from us and also distribute our films locally, until we have distribution in your region... We can finally release three to six excellent films every year, if we only get some good export!

This is straight info and NOT the usual sales talk...
We have extremely fine films, we want very satisfied
customers and I always write as exact as possible,
so you can actually trust every word...

And you will find over 226 excellent still pictures,
directly from the films, that PROVE the unique
high class, on the five films separate pages...

Handlare och distributörer i Sverige...
Klicka här och se Era fina priser!

We produce some of the most delicious sex films, in the world... According to the real experts, as our very satisfied customers and the famous men's magazine Mayfair... And we have now released FIVE great films, under our trademark Extreme Erotica...
Extremely delicious movies, spiced with extra advanced sex... True masterpieces, filmed in a very sensual "documentary" style... With golden colours, lovely deep shadows, luxurious locations, extremely sexy "daily" clothes, very high quality and even excellent original music, in the legendary dreamy "Enigma" style... And our main star Nicole Sassi, look like a mix between Kim Basinger and Pamela Anderson, except she is even more sexy!
Every film (of 90 min hifi stereo) include everything on the covers and only young slim wet girls, with round butts, who really love sex... And extra horny delicious games, as great outdoor sex, extra big dildos, very sexy sucking, wild fuck and extremely sexy "daily" clothes... Spiced with extra advanced sex, a cute story and in the three last films, extra big analsex... Plus the documentary bonus collection and brilliant music (in the Enigma style) produced exclusively for Extreme Erotica!
And my unique delicious "documentary" style, combine the great feeling of viewing real horny sex, with true beauty and class...
Yes... Our unique films are mainly an extremely delicious combination of the best qualities, from the two most popular styles in the xxx film history... The horny documentary feeling from "Buttman" and the lovely elegant style from "Andrew Blakes" movies... Or the incredible expensive "Erotic Passion" series, by Creative Art Collections in Luxembourg.
A little warning... Extreme Erotica films are especially made to be truly delicious, in every way - but NOT clinically perfect - because of my sensual "documentary" style, with a dynamic floating hand camera and real life details!
We create also our films as "timeless" classics, so they stay fresh and you can sell them with great profit, for many many years...
And our films, look exactly as the excellent pictures and inviting covers... Every picture is from the films and most of them are even stills, directly from the master tape... So you can really see the high quality and exactly, how delicious the films truly are!
But we have also a very accurate demo tape, for big distributors... Which show 6-8 minutes from every film (37 min VHS in HiFi stereo PAL system, not ntsc) including every part of the movies and even the few bad cuts!

Our first great film - EE art A - offer first extremely delicious OUTDOOR sex, in three great scenes, with the incredible sexy blonde teeny Nicole... Who dress and walk out in very sexy clothes, fuck with extra big dildos, play with her sweet friend and more... Just look here on the delicious still pictures, directly from the film... Then come a long episode, when sweet Sussi suck an Italian looking boy, another sexy scene and the sexy documentary collection, but no ordinary fucking... So some think it's a fetish film and EEA rents out very different in different shops, from rather bad to extremely good!!
Yes... Most shops are very happy with our first film, some say EEA rents out "better than anyone" and many shops, bought 8 times as many "buy" films!! And one of the finest men's magazine, in the world - MAYFAIR - that only select the very best, gave this film a "Film Of The Month Award" in a very nice long article...
Our second film - EE art B - is even better and may actually be the most delicious movie ever made, with a great wild horny fuck and more exclusive (extremely public) outdoor sex, plus several very delicious documentary scenes...
And our three last films, are maybe even better (!) with more hot scenes and big anal sex.... EEC offer the black beauty Colette and a lot more horny sex, with Nicole & Sussi and is also introducing the very anal teeny babe, Candi... EED is a special tribute to sweet Sussi, with two great outdoor scenes and many other juicy stuff... Plus lovely Nicole and the very anal Candi... EEE celebrate our delicious star Nicole Sassi, with her finest new games and two lovely outdoor scenes... Plus great analsex with Candi... And our future films, will naturally continue to be both extra wild and lovely!
Click here to read the main secrets, behind Extreme Erotica films...

Our films are really, a collectors dream!

Almost all Swedish shops we visit, buy one or several films of every title, cash and without bargain... That is tree times more, than the normal (!) for other quality brand... A few shops have too many titles, already "but there are always room for something special" and the shops specially like - the covers, the lovely girls, the story line with outdoor sex and the high quality!

Our films, are always 90 minutes and recorded for an international release... With English covers and only some words in English, beside the cute moaning, surrounding sounds and excellent music... The VHS tapes are only in PAL system and we will not make any NTSC copies...
You can reduce following prices, with 25 sek for each copy, if you make new DVD copies (minimum 80 rent or 320 buy films, with HiFi sound) and covers... But I must then follow my master tapes, when you make the copies and also get any DVD master discs!

Our Price Philosophy

We want to offer very fine prices, so we will also adjust any price (even for single shops) if you generally have a lower price level in your region and you can prove, that our competition (type the finest films from Private) really are cheaper!?!
You may not love our prices, but remember that quality costs and very interesting films, that people love to rent over and over again, give you a lot more money... The viewer, want something special and we offer you extremely delicious films, that make both shops and customers happy!!
But it is naturally very expensive to produce, first class films... So following prices are actually very generous... And even the most expensive alternative (a single renting film, for an old customer) will give you PURE PROFIT after just one month... And our "timeless" films, will continue to be very interesting and make great money, for at least ten years... We will also invest everything, in more fine films and we naturally hope, that our relatively low prices will inspire you to order more!

First A Great Offer

The price will drop one BIG step, if you buy every title and that is anyhow the smart choice, because the films will sell each other!

And you may also buy the films, together with another shop and 4 rental tapes
of every title, will only cost 180 sek/each... Just as the special mini wholesale price!!

Our first great film... Nicole & Sussi! "Young girls and Big toys" or EE art A
Click any picture, if you want to read a lot more and see 40-60 pix, from the film!

Our second film... EE art B "Nicole & Sussi LOVE TO PLAY everywhere!"

Film three... EE art C "Colette - The sexy black servant girl"

Number four... EE art D "Sweet Sussi's Delicious Day"

The last one... EE art E "New great adventures, with lovely Nicole!"

Click any picture, if you want to read a lot more and see 40-60 pix, from the film!!

Quality SALE on the last VHS films...
And we have only 4 left of EE art D

Our very generous prices, for RENTAL films

Only 190 sek, for one extremely delicious rental film
Or 180 sek/each, if you buy one film, of every title...
180 sek/each, if you buy 2-3 films, of the same title
160 sek/each, if you buy 2-3 films, of EVERY title
160 sek/each, if you buy 4 films, of the same title...
Only 140 sek/each, for 4 films, of every title
You may naturally buy films, together with other shops...
140 sek/each (mini wholesale) for 8 of the same title

All prices are plus transport, bank fee and the tax...
As you can see will the price drop one BIG step, if
you buy every title... The smart choice, anyhow!

We can also offer 500 or 1000 DVDs of any title, for multi
use (that shops can sell or rent out) including box and cover,
at 80 or 69 sek/each in advance, with 1-3 months delivery!

And you can resell them with different rent and buy prices...

100 sek was about 10.9 usd or 8.6 euro mars 2009.
Click here to see exactly (in an extra window) how
much "Sek, Swedish krona" is in Your money!

Every film is also released as "Tape to buy,
Not for rent!" with the same high quality...
But they are naturally illegal to rent out!

Only 100 sek/each, for 4 films to buy, of the same title
Or 90 sek/each, if you buy 4 films to buy, of every title...
90 sek/each, if you buy 8 films to buy, of the same title
85 sek/each, if you buy 8 films to buy, of EVERY title
85 sek/each, if you buy 16 films to buy, of the same title
80 sek/each, for 16 films to buy, of every title!
You may naturally buy films, together with other shops...
80 sek/each (mini wholesale) for 32 of the same title

We have also generous prices for "multi" films, that the shops can both
sell and rent out... If that really is the normal way, in your region?!?

140 sek/each, for 5 multi films of one title, to sell or rent out
Or only 130 sek/each, for 5 multi films, of every title...
130 sek/each, if you buy 10 multi films, of the same title
120 sek/each, if you buy 10 multi films, of EVERY title
120 sek/each, if you buy 20 multi films, of the same title
Only 110 sek/each, for 20 multi films, of every title!
You may naturally buy films, together with other shops...
110 sek/each (mini wholesale) for 40 or more, of one title

All our prices are plus Postage & Packing, the bank fee of 50 sek and to any
EU county, 25 percent TAX on everything, except with a valid vat reg. number.

Postage & packing in Europe (1 class post) 1 film 65sek, 2ex 113sek, 3-4ex 173sek (parcel) 5-8ex 225sek, ask us for more films... P&P to the rest of the world (same quality) 1 film 73sek, 2ex 129sek, 3-4ex 201sek (parcel) 5-8ex 333sek, ask us for more films...

You can easy order, directly from our company...

send us an email...

You may naturally sell our films to any other shops and dramatically lower Your costs... Every films have also a fine webpage, with 40-60 first class pictures (from the film) and you may naturally use our fine web site, our exclusive pictures and the big or small green EE logo, in your advertising... Our films are also produced as "timeless" classics... Very interesting movies, you can rent out for many many years - so remember to order more, if you sell or loose one!

Right click and copy, our fine logo...

Or click for many cute alternatives!

Finally... The girls was from 18 years old (with proof on file) and our films are completely legal, in most countries... But we don't return any money, if your custom take your films - so you may check your local laws, before you order... We follow all the Swedish regulations, both according to censorship (we have strict laws about violence) and taxes.
You may click here for our great statement, of Moral and Excellence!
We are an extremely honest company, you always can trust and we treat "our" stars, with delighted respect... Our films truly celebrate the beauty in life and the world really needs, more delicious quality films... So we may have a long and interesting future, together... A golden future, of sweet delights!

Welcome to the magic world of Extreme Erotica

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