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Yes! You are naturally very welcome, to send us your own (original) photographs, drawings, videos, music or wild steamy stories... Naturally of rather high class and especially very sexy... For the section "The finest sexy Pictures" our great lifestyle Magazine and our films... See more and the exact details, just below...
We would like to pay for everything, but we only invest in new films... We offer also everything else, as an exclusive free bonus to our visitors and we make no profit, either on the magazine or EE passion... But we will pay generously, for any video material and other stuff (except stories and clothes) we actually use in our films... Normally directly and sometimes, when we release the film!

Very sexy pictures or delicious drawings, of young slim girls... You are very welcome to show your finest original images (that we select) in the section - The finest sexy Pictures... We can even create a separate mini gallery (if you have many pictures) in the same elegant way, as I present sexy Natalie... You can click to view Natalie's mini gallery...
You may be completely anonymous OR have your name OR an artist signature, under each big picture ... You can also have an email link (so people who love your pictures, can contact you directly) extra naughty comments (if you like) or a nice link, to your website... We may also display your art in the Documentary Collection, in a future film and we can then pay you, with 100sek per minute...
We are especially looking for pictures of young slim girls (from 15 with clothes or 18 nude and wild) with pouting butts and up skirts, outdoors flashing, bikinis, wide open gymnastic girls and sexy riding girls... And naturally babes who play with extra big dildos, real "slavegirls" and other very advanced stuff, for the wild gallery...
We can naturally fix and optimize any bad (but rather sharp) pictures... Type adjust strange colours, fix the light and even remove anything you don't want to show... We can select the art, from your site OR just click here and send your art, in a email!

Then am I one of the finest photographers, in the world... Click here to view 133 of my finest pictures, in a new window... So I can take the most delicious photos of you (or your girl) if you only are sexy and come to me in Stockholm... Very sensual pictures, made in my unique "documentary" style, that make you look even more delicious than in real life... With golden light, lovely shadows, extremely sexy "daily" clothes, luxurious backgrounds and maybe in a romantic park... And you will naturally get free digital copies, of the finest photos!
My photographic philosophy is to capture the ultimate beauty of the girl, in a realistic and sensual situation... Magic moments, with a whisper of pure lust, that reflect my vision of beauty... And never any "arty" poses, in an artificial studio environment...
You must only be slim (max little curvy) and look as 14-28 with a cute round out pouting ass (with help of a deep back curve) sexy face, rather slim thighs (upper legs) and something extra, as generous lips... And like to show your wet shaved cunt, or play with FAT dildos... You may then be short, dark or light and even two girls... And I only reserve the right to publish the photos (yes I can cut away or hide your eyes, if you wish) in my exclusive EE plaza magazine... You can visit me for a weekend (or even two three weeks) and stay in my cosy luxurious flat, as a nice mini holiday!

Welcome to Extreme Erotica filmsWe seek more sexy girls, for the delicious EE films... I produce some of the finest "advanced erotic" films, in the world... And I film in a lovely "documentary" style, that make you look even more delicious... I can also take the most delicious photos of you, that you may use anywhere, as a great bonus... Click here for examples...
I will mainly film the games you like most, but you must also like 8 of 98 extra advanced games, to spice the story... Then am I extra generous and film in a cozy easy way, at luxurious locations, often outdoors and maybe as a nice holiday... And I use a very discreet full HD video camera, that give first class quality even in soft indoor lightening.
You must only be slim (max little curvy) from 18 years old and look as 14-28 with a cute round out pouting ass (with help of a deep back curve) sexy face, rather slim thighs (upper legs) and something extra, as generous lips... You may then be short, dark or light, without any experience and even two girls, with sweet tits to big sexy Boobs...
Click here for complete info, eller här för Svenska... Answer then with photos tell me especially what you like most in sex, your limits and ask any questions - Welcome!

You may tip a girl and get a nice little reward
of 100 euro, if we make a film with her!

Videos... You have maybe a great scene, for our Documentary Collection?? Obs: The girl must be very sexy and have very advanced sex OR be a very young slim lovely babe, who do very sexy things and are from 18 years old...
Send us a SD card (that we send back) or DVD copy first and remember, that we will only use very interesting and delicious material, so don't hope too much... But we may love your scene and we will then pay 100 sek (about 10 dollar) for every minute, we actually use!

Music... We have great music, from one of the finest composer in the world and we plan to release a CD as you can view here... Click to see my cover design... But we like more dreamy romantic music (especially in a French style) and you are naturally welcome to send us your music on MiniDisc, CDr or HiFi vhs... Email us and we send a lot more information... Yes... When we produce music, will you first get some special guidelines, that normally help the composer to create pure magic!
We will only pay something (our friend do it almost free) but max 500sek, for music we actually use in our movies... But you may get a lot more later, if we grow!

Truly wild erotic stories... You are very welcome to write delicious erotic stories, for the Wild Erotic Stories section in EE plaza, our exclusive free lifestyle Magazine...Yes, the story must be based on real events and have some amazing qualities... But it can be separate experiences and adventures, mixed together to a new reality and naturally, with other looks... And the main babe, must anyhow be a young slim wet girl, who love very advanced sex... Then may the story, be about almost any kind of extreme (but legal) sex... Or be based on small, but very delicious details... And we will normally adjust the text, so you don't have to write very fine... You can also send us truly delicious little stories and ideas, that maybe will make our films even better!
Click here to email us!
Remember from above, that you can be totally anonymous, publish the story with your name, email or together with a nice link, to your website... Click here to see the Wild erotic Stories section... But we have over twenty lovely intrigues, for our future films and we will always offer EE plaza Magazine completely free, so we will never pay for stories, except that you get the great possibility to show your masterpieces and truly enjoy people for many many years

Do you want to become a Rich and Famous writer??
I have a rare talent for creating finer "systems" and a great story, is in fact a delicate system of intriguing elements... And I have now develop 28 complete and very interesting intrigues, for over 50 books - but I have no time to write them, the next ten years... Or the special talent, to make the finest stories justice... I have read a lot of fine books, but I get normally rather disappointed on the story and most of my intrigues are actually more fascinating than the finest books I read, except a few extraordinary masterpieces like the short stories of Roald Dahl.... And I got some of my intrigues, as very detailed "visions" of what I would love to read...
Then are my stories strangely enough very different and cover almost every style - including adventure, thriller, comedy, action, documentary drama, science fiction, horror, romantic drama and advanced erotica - even if every single story is both rich and very genuine... Like a clear golden memory, of a real event... Some is partly dreamy, but never vague and none is too complex, even if they normally have many layers... Most of my stories are very advanced intrigues, with complete detailed chapters and from 2 to 22% erotic scenes... From just some slightly erotic feelings, to deeply erotic side stories... And then are 11 of the intrigues advanced erotic stories, for about 20 books...
Every one of my intrigues are especially more interesting than ordinary bestsellers (my minimum limit, for writing down an idea) and some of them have purely amazing qualities, according to the few who read them... And they get often very frustrated and even angry, because they really want to read the complete books and not wait ten years or even longer!
So I am now looking for a very serious "partner" who write elegant, flowing and very engaging / interesting... You must especially capture the spirit of the intrigue and naturally make it justice... But you may also improve the story, in any way I approve and hopefully write many parts more brilliant, than I can do... Without loosing the deeper qualities of the story... Some of my finest stories, are very exact and can only be written in one way, so a few books will demand a lot of discipline and at the same time be a very interesting challenge to write!
You must first sign a special agreement of secrecy, which must include that "I will only use original ideas from (my name) intrigues, as a writing partner and then split any profits equal" before I give you more information... Then can you select any of my intrigues, even from the six finest... Yes, you must anyhow begin with the first chapter and then may you only continue (with one of my finest) if I really enjoy or love your writing style... And if I just like your writing style, can you continue with any other intrigue, except my six finest... And if the complete book become really fine (at least) can you naturally continue with any of my finest intrigues!
I will anyhow give you any feedback and deeper details you may need, to really write a masterpiece... And we will split any future profit equal, which should become a lot of money (in good time) and you can also be the official author (if you like) who meet the media and may get really famous, after some books... Your name (or pseudonym, if you prefer that) will always come first, after "Written by" inside the books and then will my name or pseudonym follow after "Story by" even if you did improve some parts... So this is truly an opportunity of a lifetime, if you have the talent and time... Following is a message to Swedish writers... Och sedan är jag Svensk, så du kan naturligtvis skriva på Svenska... Click here to email me!

Do you have a web site?? Link should naturally link to both EE passion - The finest contact club, in the world and completely free... With the most advanced search functions and over 69 great advantages, that are very EASY to use... Maybe as a new magnificent part of your site and give your visitors a magnificent extra function, totally free!
And EE plaza (our exclusive and completely free EE plaza lifestyle Magazine) to really make your visitors extra happy! We will always be completely free, add more pictures in the magazine and expand with a lot more fine stuff... And we will naturally link back to you, in our fine link pages, if you have a very interesting or excellent site... You are also welcome to use our original pictures and design element, in your private home page and Companies... Click here for more information and to see the graphic elements!

We are also seeking DISTRIBUTION companies, in almost every country...
For the five delicious films, in the exclusive Extreme Erotica series and we will gladly pay you a 10% reward (of the first order, before tax & transport) for every new distributor... Even if you "only" tip us and we contact them... Click here eller här för Svenska... And get a lot more information, including our fine wholesale prices...

You can also write articles for EE plaza, our Magazine! We welcome any interesting and deep articles about great technology and that is everything from small delights (type hifi, video cameras, computers, timepieces) to extra fine vehicles (type cars, boats, airplanes) and mainly written, like inspiring honest reviews... And naturally interesting reportage with pictures (that we will optimize) from exclusive homes, sexy holiday resorts, any place of great beauty and fairs... You may also write deep helpful advice about hifi, computers and naturally any other stuff, that people would love to read about... Yes, even tip about excellent web sites, can be very interesting!
But we will only publish stories about stuff we like (type not the Mercedes models with ugly lights) and we don't care about ordinary news, about stuff that not is very special or clearly finer than before... So you should mail us and tell what you like to write about, with some details and alternatives BEFORE you really begin to write... Then will we normally adjust your text, anyhow and let you check it, before we publish your story... We can also fix and optimize very bad (but rather sharp) pictures!
Companies... Any deep honest information, about stuff we like and especially with fine pictures, are naturally very welcome... But we prefer to test your product, if it seem to be very interesting and then write a deep review, for free... Then can we always write a deep article, even if we not love the product (with our honest opinion) if we only get a sample to review and 50-200 us dollars, to cover our time...
Your articles will then live forever! Yes, will we publish everything forever and if it really get outdated, in some vital part, will we simply move it to More fine Articles... So the articles your write, will enjoy and enlighten a lot more people, than in any paper magazine!
You may be totally anonymous, or publish the story with your name, email and even together with a nice link, to your website... But we offer this magazine, as a free bonus to our visitors and that is almost too expensive, so we can't pay you more, than the great honor and satisfaction of enlightening your readers!
Click here to mail us... And if you include some pictures, they must be either - official public domain, fine pix from the advertising for a product (that you like and write rather positively about, so the pix should be ok to use) pix with clear permission to publish in this magazine or originals, made by You!

Delicious ideas and clothes... You are also welcome to send us delicious ideas (best trough email) for future films... It can be small details, a specific sex game (that most will love) or an advanced story... We actually have over twenty fine stories, but many girls think it is too complicated to really act and prefer to just have some advanced sex... Obs: We will for example release a "special edition" with advanced wet sex, if we find some more girls who love pee games!
Finally, you can even send sexy clothes, you want to see on our girls... Just remember that we mostly record, slim girls and the colours must be in harmony, so don't send anything vulgar as purple leather or bright red lace... We specially use, extremely sexy "ordinary" daily clothes, but we like to use more and more indoor sex clothes (type black PVC and shiny latex) in very public outdoor scenes... But we don't pay any clothes and stuff!

Do you have any special talents, for the future... Yes, we expect to grow very fast, when we find a good distributor and we will then need more people... Both anyone who like to work, with ordinary stuff and be a part of our magic world... And people with special talents, that want to celebrate the beauty in life, together with us and really produce masterpieces, in a team... You don't need a long education or experience, if you just have some fine examples of your talent!
We will pay rather good, but it's extremely important - that you don't work with us, just for the money and that you sincerely want to excite, inspire and enlighten people!
We will first look for... Graphic artists and Designers (who like my style and maybe work on distance) Photographers (who want to explore my style) Anyone who really can and love to sell our quality films (to shops) Girls who like to create delicious clothes (according to my designs) and a smart girl, who want to work together with me (here in Sweden) as my assistant!

Click here to mail us!

Remember to include money for the return
postage, if you want your material back!

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